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Katee is a technology executive accomplished in strategic thinking, problem solving, and tactical execution. She has over 20 years of experience helping businesses by aligning their objectives with technology solutions.

Throughout her career, she has focused on improving business performance. She executes technology initiatives with a collaborative leadership approach and expertise to address ever-changing challenges facing diverse business landscapes. She is curious by nature and strives to continue being a lifelong learner. She thrives in fast-paced and complex live event environments.
Katee focuses on delivering excellence through proactively sharing knowledge and partnering with business leadership to define opportunities, identify and prioritize projects based on business objectives.

She functions in a role of a trusted advisor building the relationship between business units and technology with the goal of aligning business objectives with technology strategy through:

Leadership & Mentoring – Providing guidance on emerging technologies, industry trends, and technology solutions. She fosters organizational change and creates environments for success by building, empowering, and inspiring teams. She is an experienced mentor with the ability to share knowledge and assist with developing skills to enhance professional and personal growth.

Business & Technology Alignment – Collaborating as an advisor to business leaders bridging the often significant gap between business and technology organizations through strong relationship building and pragmatic approaches to problem solving focused on common goals and driving strategy, service, and operational execution.

Enterprise Architecture – Katee is committed to developing a deep understanding a company’s business to ensure technology solutions align with business goals. She facilitates elevating organizational performance by completing complex projects on budget in high pressure environments with aggressive unyielding timelines. She employs transparency in the total cost of ownership, selection and implementation processes, and ongoing support requirements.

Katee links the mission, strategy, and processes of an organization to its technology roadmap. This ensures technology decisions meet the current and future needs of an organization in an efficient, sustainable, and adaptable manner.