The Executive Advocates

Evaluate.    Engage.   Connect.

Our Mission: Connecting Business and Technology

TEA provides executive recruiting and placement services, leveraging our global relationships across multiple industries to find your organization the best solution for your needs.

TEA evaluates skills and talent but also focuses on connecting you with the the right people that fits the culture of your organization. Our Partners believe its about aligning the right people with your overall technological strategic vision and your business goals and objectives.

TEA specializes in evaluating strategic solutions to align with an organizations’ business goals, objectives and budgets.

We provide industry insights to help create strategic technology roadmaps.

Our partners specialize in aligning your needs with technology solution providers and vendors.

Our Approach: Transparency Throughout the Process from Discovery to Solution.

TEA Partners are prior C-Level executives with a passion to empower organizations to better position your company for success.

TEA provides expert insights from an executive perspective finding new ways to leverage tech solutions, drive ROI and providing support to ensure the connectivity of technology for your success in your project from your vision to implementations.

TEA evaluates tech providers through a rigorous process and comprehensive evaluation.

TEA provides support in reviewing your go-to-market strategy and offers appropriate guidance to evaluate your brand positioning, while targeting customers that ensures that your product offerings and messaging aligns with the needs of the industry.

Our journey with your organization is based on a foundation of transparency, integrity and candor.

TEA is relationship driven, empowered through long-standing relationships with industry leaders at teams, clubs, leagues, universities, entertainment and venue organizations as well as tech solution providers in North America and throughout the world.

Our Distinction: Long-standing Personal Relationships with Global Industry Leaders at Sport & Entertainment Organizations and Tech Solution Providers.

Evaluate. Engage. Connect.